The Little Big Boy was designed to be the very best Small Flock Mobile Chicken Coop available anywhere in the world.  It was engineered to give the New-Age suburban small ranch/homeowner an environmentally-friendly, extremely strong and durable, personal chicken flock housing unit! Today, not knowing where our food comes from or its quality, it makes good sense to raise your own organic garden vegetables and your own organic eggs and meat that will guarantee you and your family a healthy food source. The Little Big Boy is a mobile Chicken Coop that can be easily moved to fresh green grass so your  chickens will have the benefit of Free-Roaming without the ground under the Chicken Coop being overgrazed. This Chicken Coop is very rugged and heavy enough to withstand severe weather and still be very movable on its retractable wheels.

A Smarter Tomorrow

  • Your flock will have 360° air circulation in the run area for their comfort.

  • The coop provides shade from the sun, and access to the sun.

  • Coop provides protection from the rain.

  • The raised Chicken Coop provides night roosting and bad weather.

  • Run area walk-in access door provides for easy feed and water.

  • Utility door provides for outside access to the raised coop area.

  • Rear window and front dome vent provides cross-flow ventilation of coop cabin area.

  • Two rows of perches in the coop cabin area provide nighttime comfort for your flock.

  • Your hen flock has access to three individual nest boxes from the inside of the coop cabin.

  • The chicken coop provides 360° viewing of your flock.



The First Step to Amazing

  • Walk-in access to the Chicken Coop run area for ease of feeding and maintenance.

  • Retractable wheels enables the Coop to sit flush on the ground.

  • Folding tow-hitch eliminates trip hazard.

  • Coop Cabin area access door provides for easy maintenance of the roosting area.

  • Nest box access, from the outside of the Chicken Coop Cabin, makes egg collection easy.

  • Coop Cabin manure deposits are easily removed from the outside of coop.

  • Nest Box Modules are removable for easy cleaning.


A Smarter Tomorrow

  • The Chicken Coop can be moved so your flock will always have fresh earth in the run area.

  • The Chicken Coop’s rear wheels can be lowered to raise the coop off the ground for easy transport.

  • The Chicken Coop’s front tow-hitch will attach to a lawn tractor for easy transport.

  • Once the Coop is in its new location, simply raise the front tow-hitch and raise the rear wheels.

  • The Chicken Coop’s base measurements of 4’x8’ (32 sq. ft. of run area) make it easy to move.

  • A movable Chicken Coop helps keep predators confused and less confident in pursuing your flock.


The First Step to Amazing

  • The Chicken Coop run area is enclosed on all sides with wire-caging.

  • The Chicken Coop has a full roof over the entire coop to prevent aerial assults (hawks, owls, etc.)

  • The Chicken Coop cabin is raised off the ground for additional security.

  • The two (2) access doors, and the nest box lid are lockable for limited access.

  • The Coop Cabin rear window has security wire screening.

  • The Chicken Coop run area wire-caging is enclosed with galvanized 1’’x1’’ welded wire and is highly predator-proof.

  • The Chicken Coop cabin run area access hatch opening can be closed to make the cabin area predator-proof.

Smart and Friendly

  • The Little Big Boy is designed to be clean and for ease of maintenance.

  • Mobility for movement to fresh ground.

  • Wire flooring in Coop Cabin so manure will not accumulate.

  • Removable Nest Box modules for easy cleaning.

  • Coop Cabin area is easily cleaned and disinfected through the cabin utility access door.

  • Manure is removed out of the Chicken Coop Cabin from the outside of the coop.


  The Little Big Boy’s good looks and top-notch advanced styling will be a welcomed addition to your property.
The Little Big Boy Mobile Chicken Coop is a gated community with an enclosed run area that protects your flock from predators on the ground and from the sky.
          This attractive State of the Art Mobile Chicken Coop housing unit is constructed using standard building materials and standard carpenter tools.

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